2019 Summer Skydiving
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I love to travel and I love to skydive, and when I can do both at the same time--nothing beats it. I met many of my lifelong friends over the years at skydiving boogies, so I want to encourage all of you sky junkies to get out of your comfort zone and book some tickets or take that road trip! Participate in all the unique and awesome events that have been created just for your enjoyment by this wonderful community of skydivers and generous DZOs!

You may have noticed lately that it’s become a challenge to find and keep track of all the cool events out there. Most dropzones post events on their individual Facebook Events page, and if you're not actively following every page, or getting their newsletter--you may never hear about an event you would have otherwise gone to--until it's too late. These days we’re all flooded with so many alerts, notifications, and invites, that we can easily miss out on great events because they don’t make themselves heard through the noise.

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent many, many hours over last 2 months sifting through 200+ USPA dropzones, figuring out which ones put on boogies, mining their facebook events pages, website calendars, and yes, even calling some of them when I couldn't find any published information. I’m calling the result “Crystalslist” because, why not?  This was my idea--I saw a need, I’ve done the leg work—and well, since Craigslist is a household name--maybe Crystalslist could catch on!

Thanks to a collaboration with Blue Skies Magazine, I present to you, my sky junkie family, MY list, of every awesome boogie happening this summer in the United States--all in one place. I’ve only listed actual boogies, and/or events I think will be the most epic and talked about this summer, proven by history, my experiences, or bonfire hearsay. Enjoy!  And please spread the word about crystalslist.org!

Photo credit (above): Chad Hermes

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Notes from Crystal

Did a new boogie just get announced?

Email me right away and I'll add it -- as long as it's an actual boogie.  crystalslistUSA@gmail.com

If I missed one, it's probably because it just wasn't announced prior to my publishing deadline.


Is there a European list?

Maybe in the future.  


Look for a "Boogie Breakdown" interview segment with me on Skydive Radio soon!  www.skydiveradio.com

And possibly on Radio Skydive UK this month!